Medical Billing

We're different - here's how

What we do


Cash is king. We use tried and tested techniques to get you paid faster – usually in 21 days or less.

14 days or less 44%
21 days or less 85%
30 days or less 94%

Average number of days between claim submission and payment


Every insurance payer sometimes issues incorrect denials. We are dedicated to helping your practice collect on all its claims – even the denied ones. We have a follow up team that will pursue every claim for you – up to and include state-level appeals if necessary. We can also manage your patient billing and collections – including credit card payments – to make sure your patient billing is seen as a valued, professional part of your practice.

How we do it

We use world-class financial and operational management processes to make sure your billing is processed completely and accurately – every time. Our follow-up processes are designed to makes sure we know about any problems well before you hear about them from any insurance companies. And we never lose a claim: every claim – no matter how small – is followed up from start to finish by our professional collections team.

How we bill – and collect – a claim

Every claim follows some or all of the following steps – until you get paid.


  • Reconcile our superbills processed to your superbill or encounter log
  • Check eligibility for every patient
  • Check coding compatibility against CCI rules
  • Check coding, modifier and diagnosis code usage against payer rules

Claim entry and submission

  • Enter every claim and patient demographics into our billing system – by direct interface or manual data entry
  • Full quality control at every stage including:
    • 100% check of every data point against the original submissions
    • 100% check of eligibility for every patient
    • Full reconciliation of claims generated to original submissions from your practice
    • Same-day reporting of errors, rejections and edits to your practice team

Claim follow-up and collections

  • Full review and follow up of exceptions, errors or rejections from clearinghouse batches
  • EOB and ERA processing
  • Reconcile EOBs and ERAs to funds you actually receive
  • 100% late claim follow up with payers – often before you even receive notice of denials
  • 100% review and follow up of insurance denials: resubmission with or without corrections where necessary
  • 1st, 2nd and state-level appeals of denials


  • 24-7 access to a suite of over 100 standard reports
  • A dedicated client site for you and your team with 24-7, fully searchable access to all your EOBs and ERAs
  • Typical 48 hour turnaround on customized reporting
  • Regular in-person account review

The Forrester Difference

Attention to detail

Our professional billers are obsessive about the details – which speeds up your billing and gets you paid faster

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World-class processes

Our processes are second to none – making sure you get paid for every claim, every time

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Experienced professionals

Our team’s years of billing experience pay dividends in getting ALL your claims paid – faster.

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100% transparency

We give you real-time 24/7 access to all the information we have on your claims – at the click of a button

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