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Credentialing = cashflow = massive ROI

Credentialing is your gateway to new plans and new patients. Professional credentialing can increase your cashflow per provider by $20,000 per week.

We use FOCUS – our own proprietary credentialing system – to manage your enrollments, ensuring that your projects proceed quickly, smoothly and successfully.

Professional credentialing can be one of the smartest investments you can ever make in your practice – typical return on investment in one of our credentialing projects is between 2,000% and 4,000%.

Make credentialing an asset

High quality credentialing can be a key asset for your practice. The wrong credentialing partner can cost you much more than a few hundred dollars in credentialing fees – they could be costing you thousands of dollars per week. One case study identified the cost of inefficient credentialing processes as $20,000 per week per provider. In credentialing, time really is money – we put professional credentialing to work to build the value of your practice.

Typical return on investment within 6 months of a credentialing project is between two thousand and four thousand percent – professional credentialing can be simply one of the best investments you ever make in your practice.

Weekly value

Payer 1: Government $8,181
Payer 2: Medicaid HMO $5,533
Payer 3: Medicaid HMO $5,077
Payer 4: $3,320

Real results

Not being enrolled in the right plans costs you thousands of dollars every week.

Forrester Practice Management recently completed a value review for a New York physician group that highlighted the tens of thousands of dollars the practice was losing each week through low quality credentialing. Our team of professional credentialers succeeded in resolving enrolment issues across multiple payers – government, HMO and commercial – delivering almost $20,000 of revenue per week for the practice.

The Forrester Difference


Attention to detail

Our professional credentialers are obsessive about the details – which speeds up your enrolments and builds your practice faster

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Dedicated systems

Our dedicated proprietary credentialing software means we’re always on the case to get your enrolments completed – faster.

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Experienced professionals

Our team’s years of credentialing experience pay dividends in getting you into the plans that count – fast.

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Proven ROI

Our proven results show 2000-4000% ROI on your credentialing costs – in just 3 months.

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