Hiring a new biller

Don't let your new biller be your most expensive employee

Are you about to hire a new biller? If you are, then STOP.

First – think about the cost of that biller, in terms of:

Salary – Taxes – Vacations – Sick leave – Learning curve – Computer, desk, chair, office space

Then think about what that biller really costs you in:

  • Missed claims
  • Poor coding
  • Missed clearinghouse denials
  • Missed insurance denials
  • Timely filing denials
  • Poor modifiers
  • Lack of follow up

And think about how you know what these costs are with your new biller. She certainly won’t tell you – even if she knows how to figure them out.

We have seen situations where these costs can add up to $250,000 per year for just one biller. In essence practices end up making their billers their most expensive employees.

With our 24/7 reporting you can SEE FOR YOURSELF what’s happening to EVERY denied or unpaid claim.  You can check for yourself our promise that we follow up on 100% of unpaid claims. Guaranteed.